Link storm: Post-sale is pre-sale, ROI of analytics, heatmaps, and Black Fridays

Link storm: Post-sale is pre-sale, ROI of analytics, heatmaps, and Black Fridays

Is your goal to push conversions? If so, are you sure „amount of conversions“ is the only KPI to care about? What about brand awareness (putting the sales in pre-sales) or retention (post-sale is pre-sale). Focusing on the first-time, immediate buyer type can harm your success mid-term. Never forget about the full picture!
Inspired by venture capitalist Tom Tunguz‘ thoughts on the „four disciplines of funnel marketing“:

What is the ROI of Digital Analytics? In the end it is about the website’s goals. In most cases it’ll be revenue, but you may have virtual price tags for other conversions as well. Here’s a direct approach to compare related costs and outcome:

Of course you can – and sometimes need – to release the full range of accounting and controlling tools to that: depreciations, indirect costs, accruals can all help to create a realistic model of expenses and yields of the analytics part of your company.

Heatmaps: You love them („wow, userfriendly, easy-to-digest data on user behaviour“) and you hate them („why can’t it cope with my rotating teasers, news feed updates and personalized navigation?“). What do you get, how do you use the data?

Adam Greco with a new hand-on advice for SiteCatalyst users: Segment on special date ranges:

This is something I recommend to lots of my clients as well: Identify important hours, days, time periods and make sure you can report on them directly instead of exporting data to Excel and sum it up manually…

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  1. Jan Exner 6 Jahren vor

    Den Tip von Adam Greco kann man auch für Kohortenanalyse verwenden, man braucht dann eventuell mehr als eine eVar. Siehe

    Wichtig an der Geschichte ist die Klassifizierung mit SAINT!

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