Link storm: Google Tag Manager, Facebook ROI, and the future of PR

Link storm: Google Tag Manager, Facebook ROI, and the future of PR

Google Tag Manager: The biggest story of the week! Will tag management the Google-style disrupt that market or will it lead to a steady evolution? At least Google does what it’s best at: Offer a simple and userfriendly solution to reach out for a much bigger user base than the „traditional“ vendors. Being a player on that market may become more exciting – and more dangerous…

Web Analytics Demystified’s Eric Peterson on the same topic:

Mr. Kaushik thinks big: In his most current blog post he want to do nothing else than re-defining the ROI of Facebook marketing. „We (CxOs, Marketers, Analysts) don’t really understand what is unique about Facebook. Because we don’t understand the uniqueness, we fall back on profoundly sub-optimal old world metrics like Reach or Online GRP equivalents. We can do much better.“

The future of PR is participation in talks, not to hold monologues:

Therefore you lose control of your message fast.
With Adobe Social at least you can regain some of it:

How much does SEO cost: An infograph on regional SEO markets (via Cool Infographics):

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  1. Navinos 6 Jahren vor

    Google going into tag management is a really interesting move. In my opinion however, deduplication for ROI improvements is one of the main advantages of cookie management systems. I highly doubt that Google will offer a comfortable solution here, as they have obvious interest conflicts (i.e. tilting the attribution towards the AdWords channel…)

  2. Nic Diefenbach 6 Jahren vor

    Agreed. This will be about tag deployment. Not about cookie management. Still an interesting move:-)

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