Link storm: Your Digital Strategy, Your Social Presence, and meaningful Marketing Attribution

This is the last Link storm for this year. I’ll be back posting fresh links on January 11th. Stay tuned!

How good is your digital strategy? Based on empirical evidence the answer is “It can be improved greatly”! But check for yourself: An easy-to-use framework based on six “simple” questions by Mr. Kaushik.

New Social Media study: How companies deal with a still immature market and the lack of best practice tracking and controlling.

“Measurement and monitoring remain areas of concern. Most respondents are dissatisfied or only ‘somewhat satisfied’ with how they measure their social media effort.” and “Only a minority agreed that their organization is ‘an advanced, well-run machine,’ […]” (via the Measurement Standard)

Everybody has heard about customer journeys, touch points, and attribution models. Still only a majority of marketing managers are “Making Sense of Marketing Attribution“. Adobe has an infograph to shed some light on the topic:

And here is part two of David Woolsey’s rant on click tracking data and why it should be avoided whenever possible:

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