Link storm: The value of a Like, Social B2B Marketing, and 40 other Marketing Insights

“How to calculate the value of a like?” Dan Zarrella has given the (an) answer – and then the discussion started. If you are into social media marketing the article and the comments are a must read:

And here is an elaborated answer “How to not measure the value of a like” (via Measurement Standard):

Using LinkedIn as a marketing platform? Then you may be interested in their company pages redesign and how to utilize it:

Disclaimer: Philips – one of the chosen examples – is a client of contentmetrics.

Eloqua (in the marketing automization business) and JESS3 (an infographic design company) have created 40 “Modern Marketing Insights” graphs on topics like social media referrals, the best time to send emails, and – of course – the value of marketing automization:

Yet another web analytics maturity model. This time revolving around the question “what business problem is being asked to solve?”

My choice would still be Mr. Hamel’s Online Analytics Maturity Model (OAMM), which uses a multi-dimensional approach to evaluate the status quo and guide you to areas of improvement:

The power of empirical evidence and predictive analysis? You can win Rock-Paper-Scissors! Why should you care? RPS is like a simple market. If you feel like a small player in a big market, without a chance to impact that market, then you have to rely on luck. But if you understand the underlying motives of the people who form that market you can choose a winning strategy…

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