Link storm: Use Market Intelligence data, raise Customer Value, be Mobile!

Need some market intelligence data? Why not use the Consumer Barometer for free? Lots of countries, industries, questions covered.
Example: Hotel bookings in Germany. 61% of male bookers reserve their room online. Female bookers: 79%!,32&productId=30&pageId=2

Appraisal by Mr. Kaushik:

Need to develop your customer base? Here is a marvellous model on how you could do that:

Mobile is (still) the next web. You need to be there, but most people don’t know what the user wants. Don’t be late:

Why do you need to be there? Because the user is already waiting! (in German)

“6 Vital Points for Monitoring and Managing Your Global Online Reputation“:

Google Analytics is rolling out real-time analytics support. And although “real-time” is more hype than real benefits there are a few use cases for this feature: controlling social media campaigns, tracking the “going viral” of an ad, and measuring real-time media like TV or podcasts.

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